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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Another HOLIDAY Giveaway!!!!! ENTER HERE

For the next GIVEAWAY, I will be putting a frosted glass Christmas Ornament up for grabs. I have made a few of these little darlin's and have included a few pics to give you an idea of how they look. I will be handwriting any chosen name on it as well as decorating it too. There will be two more giveaways this month so keep checking in!!!
*Please become a follower and leave a comment on my blog. Tell me something about yourself and/or your family, maybe a holiday tradition or favorite activity you like.
*If you already have one of these ornaments then maybe enter in for a friend.
Merry Christmas and Good LUCK! By the way if you are wondering how I choose the winner, I go to random.org and use the number generator or ask M to pick a number 1 through how ever many entries there are. The winner will be announced next Sunday, Dec. 19th!


  1. Those ornaments are beautiful :) I would love some for my boys but I think if I won I would send this to a friend her recently lost her son.

    - - -

    A new tradition we started this year is cutting down a real tree for Christmas. The kids love it and I do as well. And since this is our first Christmas without Bryston and Colton (we lost them in August) we decorated stockings for them (and will do so every year). These are just a few things, and I know the list of traditions will grow. ♥

  2. These are beautiful. Our tradition is on Christmas Eve to go to church and then to drive around looking at Christmas lights. I keep hearing about people having lasagna for Christmas Eve dinner, so I've decided to add that to our traditions starting this year.

  3. You are so sweet to keep doing these! Don't enter me in this one - I want someone else to get the chance to win since I already won in the last giveaway! But I wanted you to know the next time I blog (probably after my appointment on Wed.) I will be sending some people your way!

  4. leanne, i found your blog through LFCA, and then read your birth story on faces of loss. i just felt compelled to comment here, to tell you that august 12 - the day your sweet michael was born - was my due date with kenny. kenny didn't make it that far, however, as he was stillborn at 25 weeks back in may. just wanted to let you know that i am thinking of you and your michael.

  5. Ooh!! Good prize :) I love my ornament you made for Aiden. If I were to win I'd have one made for a good friend of mine who's son died 4 weeks after Aiden.

  6. Wow, beautiful ornament! What a great idea!